Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia update

Our dog had some bad news this week, though apparently it’s not uncommon. We took her in for her blood test and learned her red cell count was down, which is not the direction we want to see it going. I wasn’t surprised, since she’s been less energetic in the past week or so. We hoped it was the heat, but the test confirmed that she’s not getting better. So our vet increased the dose o steroids again from 3/4 of a pill twice a day to 1 pill twice a day.

Reading online, my wife found that other people had similar experiences. Though she had seemed to respond well, and had been on 3/4 of a pill for a month, now she’s having a bit of a relapse. Or maybe the reduction in medicine was too soon. We’re hopeful that increasing the dosage will help, and that she’ll still be able to reduce the dose again later. It seems like this can happen. For now, the goal is to stabilize her blood count and get it up to the level where she needs to be.

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