Landscapes and Architectures

“…arresting, moving and memorable, by turns
playful and profound.”


Landscapes and Architectures is Kendall Dunkelberg’s first book of poetry. In it he searches for connections and meaning in today’s fast-paced, fragmentary world. Some of these poems consider the expansion of technology; some confront violence as witnessed daily in the news. Others explore the migratory nature of American life; the desire to maintain relationships with friends, family, and lovers, often over great distances; and the need to let go when those relationships can no longer be maintained.

Kendall Dunkelberg possesses a distinctive ability to animate landscapes and evoke the unsettling undercurrents that lurk beneath the visible. As he writes in the title poem, “It’s the space between / windbreaks that pulls you in.” These poems pull us in.

         Walter Cummins, The Literary Review

Kendall Dunkelberg’s poems find their abstractions in the stuff of existence, be it the green earth merging with a decaying carp or a carrion bird carrying off the soul of a dead grackle, the shellack on a father’s crutches, the sensations of swimming in a black night lake, the tenderness of love and the fragility of the body, or of the heart. Landscapes and Architectures houses a body of poems that are arresting, moving and memorable, by turns playful and profound. Whether he is writing about the obsession of a son with his father or a man with his woman, about the surrealism of driving, the loneliness of a new apartment, the ubiquitousness of electronics, or the saving desire to make love, his poems capture the contemporary American landscape of separation and yearning with simplicity and power.

         Thomas E. Kennedy, author of Drive, Dive, Dance, and Fight and The Book of Angels

Landscapes and Architectures is out of print, but as long as I still have copies, you can purchase them directly from me for $7, including shipping within the United States. For international shipping, please inquire. If interested, please contact me using the form below for an invoice to pay using PayPal. Payment by check possible on request.

Please indicate your shipping address and how many copies you would like in the message box below. If you’d like a signed copy, please indicate the name of the person you want me to address.

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