Black Friday / Cyber Monday Ambivalence

Those who know me, know I’m not much of a shopper. When I do buy things, I usually look for a good deal, so you might think I’d be into the big sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (now a weeklong event at some online stores). But I always feel a little ambivalent aboutContinue reading “Black Friday / Cyber Monday Ambivalence”

In memoriam Bill Whitehead, 25 October, 1937 – 24 June, 2010

Bill was the strongest, most caring of men–a wonderful father to Kim and her sisters and grandfather to Aidan and his cousins. He was a millwright and in later years, a farmer. He passed away tonight at about 11:00 p.m. For the past year we knew he suffered from ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’sContinue reading “In memoriam Bill Whitehead, 25 October, 1937 – 24 June, 2010”

What has kept me busy?

Anyone who has visited my blog has noticed that there’s been a hiatus in my writing since February. Hopefully, with the end of the semester drawing near, that is about to change! But it hasn’t just been teaching four classes (two sections of Survey of World Literature, one of Creative Writing, and one of ModernContinue reading “What has kept me busy?”

Just say No (to merger)

First a bit of history…. a little over 15 years ago in June, when I was a relatively young grad student who had just defended his dissertation and was out on a job interview, I awoke to the public radio station reporting news of a planned merger for the school where I was about toContinue reading “Just say No (to merger)”

Afterglow (or is it sleep deprivation?)

Well, the 21st Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium has come and gone. Each author’s reading was great, and my only regret was that I couldn’t be two people: one listening calmly and hanging on every word and another who could run after batteries for the failing sound system (we did get it replaced, thanks to MackContinue reading “Afterglow (or is it sleep deprivation?)”

A Look Behind the Curtain

Or why I haven’t written much this week! One of my many hats is Director of the Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium at Mississippi University for Women, an annual event at which a dozen or so authors appear and read from their work. For the audience, everything seems to go seamlessly–I hope! MUW faculty give introductions,Continue reading “A Look Behind the Curtain”