Mississippi Philological Association

Today is the annual meeting of the Mississippi Philological Association, a scholarly organization focused on language and literature, which also encourages creative panels. I’ll be reading a few poems at one of the sessions, Kim is reading a paper, and MUW has three students who will be reading fiction, poetry, and an essay. It was one of the first regional conferences I attended when I first was hired at the W in 1994, and it’s been a good group to be associated with. The journal of the association, POMPA, publishes creative and scholarly work side by side, and for quite awhile there was a very active group of poets who attended every year. Recently, I’ve been more involved in the Southern Literary Festival, so I haven’t always made the annual conference. But this year, it’s just down the road in Starkville, so I’m glad to be able to participate again. The association has also begun accepting more papers and writing from undergraduate students, so Kim and I really wanted to encourage our students to take part. I’m looking forward to hearing them read, and seeing them take advantage this opportunity for young writers and scholars to branch out from their own universities and see what other students and their faculty are doing.

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