Reviews can be Gratifying

Tonight I happened to look at the Amazon reviews of A Writer’s Craft and saw that there are now three: all from people I don’t know who have used the book in a class, and all three gave it five stars. So that made my night! I promise, I don’t obsessively check my reviews, but I shouldContinue reading “Reviews can be Gratifying”

Short Rant about

Dear (expletive) Amazon: Sometimes I’m just searching for information. I don’t want to buy your $#%^! Have you ever noticed that the search terms you use in a web search reappear in marketing emails from How they think this is a good strategy is beyond me. If I wanted to buy a product, IContinue reading “Short Rant about”

Why are All Poets Dead or Famous (or Both)??

Okay, so I hope to be living proof (along with many of my friends and students) that the title of this post isn’t true. However, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it was true if your only source of information was an online bookstore. Just one example this morning, I went to Barnes and Noble,Continue reading “Why are All Poets Dead or Famous (or Both)??”