The Fix: MacBook Pro Trackpad Scrolling Issue

If you’ve followed my┬álast two posts, then you know my beloved MacBook Pro had to go in for repairs to the graphics card, which means they replaced my logic board (for free). Everything seemed to go well, but when I got it back, I noticed the trackpad wouldn’t scroll. I could grab the scroll barContinue reading “The Fix: MacBook Pro Trackpad Scrolling Issue”

Insecure iTunes Credit

Though I hate to write this, I’ve lost a little faith in Apple, and with the world. Of course, a lot will depend on how they resolve this issue. Yesterday, Apple sent me an email telling me that a new device had downloaded an app to an iPad from a location that appeared in ChineseContinue reading “Insecure iTunes Credit”

Airport Extreme Frustrations

Wouldn’t you know it, I make a glowing post about Apple computers and that very day I experience extreme frustration with our new Airport Extreme N Base Station. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Airport Extreme is a great router for most people (and was packaged just as well as the Mini), but AppleContinue reading “Airport Extreme Frustrations”