New Life for Old iPad: Instagram Poetry Machine

This year, I retired my old 4th Generation iPad because it was getting pretty slow. I couldn’t do any serious work with it, and even reading the news or other recreational uses were painful. So I finally broke down and upgraded, but still felt bad to have a working electronic device without using it. Then,Continue reading “New Life for Old iPad: Instagram Poetry Machine”

Apple TV vs Samsung SmartHub

I promise, this will be the last post about our Samsung Not-So-Smart TV! If you’ve followed the saga, then you’ll understand why I gave up and bought an Apple TV. The question I want to answer with this post is: was it worth it? I bought a refurbished Apple TV for $75 plus tax fromContinue reading “Apple TV vs Samsung SmartHub”

Insecure iTunes Credit

Though I hate to write this, I’ve lost a little faith in Apple, and with the world. Of course, a lot will depend on how they resolve this issue. Yesterday, Apple sent me an email telling me that a new device had downloaded an app to an iPad from a location that appeared in ChineseContinue reading “Insecure iTunes Credit”