Going to the Dark Side, or How We Got Uverse

If you’ve followed the technology posts on this blog, you’ll know that I occasionally get a little miffed at ATT and their DSL service and Motorola modems. I’ve had my share of technical issues, which I’ve tried to chronicle in hopes that they can help others out, and judging from the number of hits IContinue reading “Going to the Dark Side, or How We Got Uverse”

ATT’s Strong-Arm Tactics

Today I was surprised to come home for lunch and find the following error message when I tried to browse online: Important Message                      NRCM Your Internet access, including any VoIP services that utilize your Internet connection, has been temporarily suspended. Please call us as soonContinue reading “ATT’s Strong-Arm Tactics”

DSL Modem Conclusion (I Hope)

Everything in our DSL modem trauma came to a head yesterday when my wife tried to call home but couldn’t get the phone to ring. It would ring briefly on her end, then go directly to busy or static. We confirmed this with a FaceTime call, since our DSL was working at the time. BeforeContinue reading “DSL Modem Conclusion (I Hope)”