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New Semester

It’s always nice to see a new batch of students in your classes at the beginning of a new semester, along with a few returning faces. This semester, it looks like I have a good group. Classes are reasonably sized, but not too huge. I’m excited about using my new textbook in creative writing with another group of 12. It’s one I’ve been writing and publishing as an e-book for my students. So this semester, I can test it on another group of creative writers.

Besides Creative Writing, I’ll be teaching two sections of Late World Lit — one online and the other in the classroom — and one section of Modern Poetry, which is always a lot of fun. My class sizes are not too big and not too small, so I’m happy with the numbers, too. I wouldn’t mind a few more in my face-to-face sections, but there are enough in each to have good discussions. Should be fun!