What I’m Up To: Jan. 2021 edition

January is always a tough month on my blog. Despite the New Year’s resolutions to post more regularly (that I’ve mostly stopped making), life gets pretty busy. That’s true, even more than usual, this year. Besides the normal start of the semester flurry of getting classes online, getting students in classes, admitting new students, etc.,Continue reading “What I’m Up To: Jan. 2021 edition”

New Year’s Resolution 2: Complete a Book of Poems

Some readers of this blog will be familiar with my series of poems on the paintings and logs of Walter Inglis Anderson, which I’ve called “Barrier Island Suite.” They’ve been around for a few years and have been published individually in magazines over the years, but I’ve never quite decided what to do with themContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution 2: Complete a Book of Poems”