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Solving Uverse Gateway Issues

One of my most popular technology posts has consistently been one I wrote about our ATT DSL modem back in the day before Uverse. We’ve been on that for a few years now, and I suspect many people have switched over, too, because traffic to that post has gone way down. It had a good life.

Fortunately, I haven’t had as many problems with Uverse as we had with the old modem yet. But lately we have had a few times where it dropped our connection suddenly. The fix has been to restart the gateway.

Usually when this happens, all my lights are green, though sometimes one might be flashing. I may have to record which one if it happens again. I begin getting errors on all my services that the certificate has expired (but what it means, I suspect, is that it can’t connect to email, etc.).

I have bookmarked the Uverse gateway’s status page in my browser, and since wifi is still operational, I can go there. That should be, but check your gateway documentation if that doesn’t work for you. It may have a different default address. From here, I can confirm that the connection is down, and I can restart my services (Connection to ATT, WiFi, Phone). You can try restarting individual services, though that hasn’t worked well for me. What has worked to restore service is to click on “Restart Your System” and reboot the whole gateway.

This has happened to us twice in a week, so I hope it doesn’t mean the Gateway is going out. When we first switched over, ATT came out a couple of times and replaced our gateway. The service tech said they weren’t very good and they had a lot of problems, but once we got a decent one, it’s lasted a couple of years. Maybe it will be time for us to upgrade our service to fiber and maybe get a new gateway.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that, or at least that I don’t have more hassles to vent about. But if I do, I’ll be sure to write about them here!

Motorola 3360 Follow-Up

Well, I had hoped I’d fixed my modem, and I did get it working, but it hasn’t stayed fixed very much in the past few days. I’ve had a couple more calls to ATT ‘tech support’–one guy was very helpful; though he didn’t solve my problem, he did have information that helped me live with it. Another guy was abysmal. Basically, he just wanted me to go away. He suggested I try connecting just with the computer for awhile to see whether that helped. Nope.

Here’s what I’ve learned, at least in my situation. When I’m connected using my Airport Express, I should have three green lights (power, ethernet, and DSL), but the Internet light won’t light up, since the modem hasn’t made the connection in Bridge Mode. The green light on the Airport shows that. And I do get the occasional flash on the Activity light.

My connection will last anywhere from a few hours to a few minutes using the Airport as my router. When it loses the connection, sometimes I can get it back if I disconnect and let it reconnect. That’s what I try first.When that doesn’t work (more than half of the time), then I have to connect directly to my laptop and change my settings.

To do this, I turn off Airport on the laptop to force it to use ethernet. Then I often try making a connection over PPPoE using the laptop (I set that up as part of my troubleshooting.) Invariably that doesn’t work, but it seems to help me establish an ethernet connection to the modem in the next step. I enter the physical address of the modem in my browser (you can bet I have this bookmarked!). Usually when I get there, I see an error message that Broadband is down. I have to restart the modem a couple of times to clear this, and as I’m doing this, I change my setting from Bridge Mode to PPPoE On Modem using Advanced Settings/PPP Location (to get here, I need the access code on my modem, though I’ve saved this to my Notes, so I can copy and paste). That causes a restart. Then I try to connect by clicking on Connect — I need my access code again at this point, and the modem restarts). That usually still gives me an error, but the second time I connect after changing my settings to PPPoE on Modem, I can get online.

Sometimes I operate like this for awhile, if I’m the only one who needs internet access. Sometimes I change to PPPoE on Computer (entering my code again, and restarting the modem) but let my laptop do the dialing for awhile. Things seem to work best if there’s just the computer and the modem with the modem logging in the PPPoE connection, but even then, I have had brief outages several times last night. They only lasted half a minute or so, and the modem was able to reestablish the connection. When my laptop does the PPPoE, my connection seems to last longer, but I still run into problems eventually (and of course, I can’t print, and no one else can access the internet). When I plug back into the Airport, everything is fine again. That is, until the next outage, which can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Over the past few days, I have lost my connection at least 5 times a day; some days it seems more like 50 (probably closer to 20). I do sense another call to ‘ATT tech support’ coming on, since this is not acceptable, especially for a brand new modem and a brand new Airport. (I’d call Apple, but I really don’t think the problem is with the Airport, since it happens with my laptop as well.)

Will post more if I come up with a solution that is more permanent (or if ATT has more answers).