Spiced Cocoa Pecan Recipe

I’ve made these a couple of times with a few additions (the butter and granulated sugar) the second time. Either way worked del and is very easy to dol. This recipe is a bit of a combination of what I did. I got the idea from a recipe I found online, but adapted it. TheContinue reading “Spiced Cocoa Pecan Recipe”

Valentine Variation (Ginger Beets)

This evening for Valentine’s Day, I decided to reprise the Ginger Beets recipe with a few slight variations. Mainly, I added rutabaga, chard, cilantro, and broccoli. Most of this came from our local farmer — only the broccoli was from the store. Mushroom soy sauce helps the sauce, since it is so dark. And IContinue reading “Valentine Variation (Ginger Beets)”