Why I Delete Click Bait

A little rant about emails with false or misleading subjects. I just got one with the subject line “Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” The message went on to say that Justice Ginsburg would not be confirmed by the Senate today. On the one hand, that’s undoubtedly true. Mitch McConnell, the true subject of the email, probably wouldn’tContinue reading “Why I Delete Click Bait”

Dealing with Spam on WordPress

For a while now, I’ve been using the WordPress desktop app instead of the web interface. Mostly that’s gone well, but one serious flaw is in handling spam comments. I still get many spam comments filtered out (thank you Akismet), but it’s easy to forget about them. This morning, I happened to check, and foundContinue reading “Dealing with Spam on WordPress”

Can Spam Comments Help Me Teach Creative Writing?

Note to self: Next time I’m confronted with students who want to “keep things general so everyone can identify with them,” I should trot out my blog’s latest spam comments. It will have to be the latest ones, unless I remember to keep copies of some on file. I just threw out a few, thenContinue reading “Can Spam Comments Help Me Teach Creative Writing?”