Vegetarian Thanksgiving (in the South)

This post will not include recipes; it’s more about coping. However, awhile back, I posted a recipe for vegetarian dressing (not stuffing) that is the heart of our vegetarian Thanksgiving tradition. Kim and I have been veggie since before we met. In the beginning, we sometimes made an exception for a slice of turkey atContinue reading “Vegetarian Thanksgiving (in the South)”

Ultimate Veggie Dogs

I know, a lot of people would prefer to use meat hotdogs. But a veggie dog is pretty darned good if you dress it up a bit. Since tonight is a soccer game when we need a quick dinner, and since we’ve got veggie dogs and buns in the freezer, we’re planning to cook theContinue reading “Ultimate Veggie Dogs”

Vegetarian Dressing (not stuffing) Recipe

This year for Christmas dinner, my extended family agreed to humor the vegetarians and allow me to make vegetarian dressing to go with their turkey. This recipe is based on my mother-in-law’s cornbread dressing recipe with a few alterations like leaving out the chicken or turkey, and leaving out the cream of celery soup, whichContinue reading “Vegetarian Dressing (not stuffing) Recipe”

Vegetarian Hutsepot: Warm food for a cold night!

A winter storm with up to an inch or two of snow is predicted to hit Mississippi tonight. People were already in the grocery store stocking up, when I stopped after dropping the kids off at school (we just needed a normal grocery run), talking about the possibility of being stranded for a few days.Continue reading “Vegetarian Hutsepot: Warm food for a cold night!”