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Master of My Domain

Well, I just made the leap, folks. You can now access this blog at — of course the old address of will also work. I’ve been thinking about making this change for quite awhile, but have finally done it for a few¬†reasons.

A) the blog is getting more and more hits, largely due to my technology posts. When I exceeded 250 posts in one day, I figured it was time to do something about it. Actually, when I consistently started having over 100 hits a day, I was pretty darned pleased. That told me this is more than just a hobby or an experiment in blogging, and I should celebrate with a more defined web presence.

B) This blog started as an author blog, and having my own domain name will help readers find me. I’m working on a couple of poetry book projects and a textbook, so the increased visibility ought to come in handy one day soon.

C) Mississippi University for Women,¬†where I teach is proposing a low-residency MFA program. I should say, I am writing up the proposal and will be the director of the program, assuming everything gets approved. We cleared the first hurdle, and so we’re optimistic about the rest of the journey. Again, having a website that’s easier to find can’t hurt.

When I first started writing a blog, I did it primarily to learn how it works and as a place to put my occasional writings. I’d still like to make the blog more of a regular part of my writing routine, but it’s become a bigger part of my online identity. Now it has an address to match.