What can (should) a Creative Writing MFA do for you?

As many people will tell you, you don’t need¬†an MFA to be a good writer. Many writers, even since the MFA became ubiquitous, have proven that point (not to mention the greats that somehow managed it before MFAs existed). So why bother (or pay for) getting a degree? The traditional wisdom used to be thatContinue reading “What can (should) a Creative Writing MFA do for you?”

Master of My Domain

Well, I just made the leap, folks. You can now access this blog at kendalldunkelberg.com — of course the old address of kendalldunkelberg.wordpress.com will also work. I’ve been thinking about making this change for quite awhile, but have finally done it for a few¬†reasons. A) the blog is getting more and more hits, largely dueContinue reading “Master of My Domain”