A Philosophy of Bread

I have baked bread every week for nearly 30 years. About¬†the¬†only times when I haven’t baked my weekly loaves of bread are when I have been on vacation or living in a country with great bakeries and no ovens in their rental apartments (I’m looking at you, Belgium!), so making bread has become part ofContinue reading “A Philosophy of Bread”

Savory 3 Cheese, Herb, and Nut Mini Muffins

This recipe was first made for the MUW Sigma Tau Delta initiation ceremony this year. It is heavily adapted from the Basic Whole Wheat Muffin recipe in Ed Brown’s original Tassajara Bread Book, along with the Tassajara Cooking one of my original cooking bibles that I get out occasionally when I really need a basicContinue reading “Savory 3 Cheese, Herb, and Nut Mini Muffins”