Teaching Creative Writing to Undergraduates

It was nice recently to receive a contributor’s copy of a book that I’m in (briefly). I contributed a 3-page response to questions about Chapter 4, “Facilitating the Writer’s Workshop: Helping Students Become Good Critics (Of Themselves and Others).” I’ll leave it to others to weigh the value of my remarks, but I was intriguedContinue reading “Teaching Creative Writing to Undergraduates”

Dueling Advice on Writing

This is the first semester in a long time that I’ve taught two writing classes at the same time. I have an introductory multi-genre Creative Writing class and an upper-level Poetry Writing Workshop on the same day. It might get a little schizophrenic. Today I was teaching Image to the Creative Writing class, but willContinue reading “Dueling Advice on Writing”

A Great Summer Read

One Last Good Time¬† by¬†Michael Kardos I love the dark humor in these stories. The book is a linked short story collection in which the stories that have returning characters comment on each other and further develop the characters, though the collection does not read like a novel. Each story stands on its own, yetContinue reading “A Great Summer Read”

New Book Review

The Hands of Strangers by Michael F. Smith My rating: 5 of 5 stars In this gripping tale of a child’s abduction and the struggles of one couple to hang on to hope despite all odds, Michael F. Smith evokes the darkest fears a parent can imagine. His prose is clean and spare, his eyeContinue reading “New Book Review”

Treasure your Word Hoard

Classes are over, exams are graded, and I finally have time to get back to the blog, which means I have time to write and think about something other than papers and exams! This morning on the walk, as I was processing last semester’s writing class and thinking about what I’d like to be ableContinue reading “Treasure your Word Hoard”

Publish Your Poetry Book (Without Getting Scammed)

Recently, I received an email from a local writer, asking for advice on how to publish a book of poems. I’ve never read her poetry, so I could only give general advice, and since I get this kind of question a lot, I thought I’d post my reply here. Publishing a book of poetry canContinue reading “Publish Your Poetry Book (Without Getting Scammed)”

Historical Markers

Here’s a writing exercise I haven’t given to any of my classes (yet), mostly because I’m not sure when they’ll be driving. Stop at a historical marker. It may be one you pass on a regular basis without sopping or one that you see on a trip. Read the marker and look around you. NoteContinue reading “Historical Markers”

New Year’s (blog) Resolution

Early this New Year’s morning, I had a dream of teaching a creative writing class in an apartment. All my students showed up gradually, starting at 1:00 a.m., since the class time hadn’t been announced. I had them all do calisthenics to warm up and dreamt up several ideas for class. I probably won’t makeContinue reading “New Year’s (blog) Resolution”