A Philosophy of Bread

I have baked bread every week for nearly 30 years. About the only times when I haven’t baked my weekly loaves of bread are when I have been on vacation or living in a country with great bakeries and no ovens in their rental apartments (I’m looking at you, Belgium!), so making bread has become part ofContinue reading “A Philosophy of Bread”

Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta: a Summer Favorite

Thanks to the California Fig Growers Association, who gave us this recipe several years ago, Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta has become a summer favorite. We are fortunate to have an old fig tree in our yard, so we have plenty of fresh figs every summer for a week or two. When we do, weContinue reading “Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta: a Summer Favorite”

Creamed Asparagus on Toast

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe, and tonight’s comfort food is perfect for this time of year (or any time, but it makes me think of spring). So next time asparagus is on sale or you find some at the farmer’s market (or better yet, pick it fresh from the garden), give thisContinue reading “Creamed Asparagus on Toast”

How I May Have Saved My Dog’s Life with Buttermilk

Disclaimer: Okay, I’ll never really know if buttermilk saved her life or if it’s just a coincidence, but if you ask me, it helped. And it makes a catchy title. I’ll give the real credit to our vet and only partial credit to buttermilk. First a little background. Last week our dog, Zinneke, was diagnosedContinue reading “How I May Have Saved My Dog’s Life with Buttermilk”

Vegetarian Thanksgiving (in the South)

This post will not include recipes; it’s more about coping. However, awhile back, I posted a recipe for vegetarian dressing (not stuffing) that is the heart of our vegetarian Thanksgiving tradition. Kim and I have been veggie since before we met. In the beginning, we sometimes made an exception for a slice of turkey atContinue reading “Vegetarian Thanksgiving (in the South)”

Ultimate Veggie Dogs

I know, a lot of people would prefer to use meat hotdogs. But a veggie dog is pretty darned good if you dress it up a bit. Since tonight is a soccer game when we need a quick dinner, and since we’ve got veggie dogs and buns in the freezer, we’re planning to cook theContinue reading “Ultimate Veggie Dogs”

Persimmon Frozen Yogurt

Looking for an orange alternative to pumpkin in the fall? Look no further than persimmons. These small autumn fruit start out firm at the beginning of the season. By now, the ones we bought a few week ago were turning soft and mushy, but that’s when they’re at their sweetest best, if a little messy.Continue reading “Persimmon Frozen Yogurt”

Okra Fusion

If you live in the South and have a garden, know someone who has a garden, or visit your local farmer’s market regularly (as we do), then chances are you are awash in okra this time of year. We love this slimy little vegetable, but even so, the steady supply can sometimes be a bitContinue reading “Okra Fusion”